I recently retained the services of Absolute Investigations concerning an ongoing child custody case. They went
above and beyond for me and my children. Their services were very important since the person trying to gain
custody lived 400 miles away from us. There was no other way that I could have found out the information that we
needed without Absolute Investigations. They were able to gather all the information we needed for court and were
able to travel to our area and testify in court. Their evidence and testimony was very important for the outcome of
our custody battle. Absolute Investigations provided me with quick, professional service and I would definitely use
them again.

B. Jarnagin
Lubbock, TX

The investigative work that Absolute Investigations did for my child custody suit played a major role in me getting full
custody of my daughter granted to me instead of to my ex-wife. I will never be able to thank them enough for the
services they provided to me and my family.

S. Marin
Allen, TX